Global warming is one of the biggest threats humans face in the 21st Century and sea levels are continuing to rise at alarming rates.

of the serious problems that
are facing is global warming and the increasing rate of sea levels.
essay will discuss some issues that are related to
phenomenon. I agree up to the point but other factors can be effective
essay will
tackle various ways to solve
. There are several causes of global warming;
of these is the occurrence of extreme weather events.
For instance
, hurricanes and storms are likely to contribute more powerful storm surges that can strip away everything it passes which leads to loss not only human life but animals and plants as well.
, the increased risk of flooding in low-coastal areas, is due to higher global temperature that melts sheets of ice to which it adds the amount of seawater. According to scientists, sea levels are expected to rise 10 to 30 inches or higher at the end of the century. The aforementioned problems can be properly handled by some solutions.
imperative solution is to stop deforestation and start planting more trees and mangroves or any other vegetation to absorb water. Government should encourage its
to plant trees in every household.
should adopt safer practices that are not harmful to the environment
as recycling. To exemplify, when going to grocery stores,
of using plastic bags,
should carry their own eco-friendly bags to put all their groceries. In conclusion, global warming is
of the greatest threats to humans these days. The form of destructive storms and increased levels of flooding are only a few of the effects of global warming
are facing.
, planting trees and recycling are some solutions to minimize its effect.
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