Some people think that it would be better for large companies and industries to move to regional areas outside large urban centers. Do you think advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

A few individuals believe that it is of great benefit
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to relocate
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big factories and offices from major cities to suburban regions.
, others believe
. I think locating them in the urban region has more positive outcomes posses when compared to
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To begin
with, there are benefits involved in citing firms and industrial facilities in the developed regions.
there is an attraction of foreign investors to these locations because these are the parts of the state with good social amenities .
in turn increases the development and monetary generation of the state through tax.
For instance
, research shows that 60 -70% of the growth experienced by developed areas is through tax generated from investors.
In addition
, the increased number of factories in these towns creates more employment opportunities for the youths since
that is
where they are more in population.
in turn results in a reduction in unemployment. Certain situations have shown that the more engaged a juvenile is, the less he thinks about crime. Nowadays, the occurrence of traffic congestion in our society has been directly linked to the industrialization of the major cities of the country .
For example
, a report shows that every employee of a good company owns a car and they are being used on the few good roads in the country
resulting in traffic-jam.
, the increasing population in these areas leads to the issue of high demand and supply with consequent inflation. Studies have shown that the recent increase in the prices of goods and services in these cities is
due to
the high number of companies in those regions because it is believed that all factory workers are rich. In conclusion, some humans have the thought of moving major industries and companies to the villages. I believe factories and firms should not be relocated to less developed areas because they have more positive impacts if left in their present location.
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