Film stars and celebrities often share their views on public matters that have little to do with their profession. Is this a positive or negative development?

It is true that many famous people express their opinions about public issues which mainly are not in their specialized field. For some reason, I personally believe that
is backward progress and they should avoid doing it. Bringing public matters up by celebrities promotes a culture of intervention in society.
That is
to say, when ordinary people find their role models privileging themselves to say their personal ideas about everything, they start to imitate them unconsciously.
, they gradually try to pay more attention to the personal aspects of their relatives and friends which is predominantly unethical.
, it demotivates the experts
due to
the actors’ untimely expression of beliefs.
, many statements that well-known persons publish in the media are not fruitful.
the potential effect of
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film stars or sportspersons on
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is undeniable, like in the presidential election time when
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celebrities advertise their favourite candidates, I think they do not have a considerable effect
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. Because a vast majority of celebrities not only have limited authority, but
an unacceptable level of popularity.
, if they publicize their opinions, it does not change the current procedure.
For example
, when Shahab Hosseini, one of the Iranian famous film stars, asked the government to release one of the prisoners, the governors did not pay heed to his request. In conclusion, despite the interest of many popular individuals to announce their ideas in public networks, I believe it extends the negative culture and does not work most of the time.
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