In some countries an increasing number of people are suffering from health problems as a result of eating too much fast food. It is therefore necessary for governments to impose a higher tax on this kind of food. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

The world today suffers from consequential health disorders
as obesity, resulting from junk
and leading sedentary lifestyles. Across the globe, the masses are facing serious health concerns
due to
their bad dietary habits.
, to prevent
loss of health, authorities must levy tariffs on
distributors. I am a strong advocate of given affirmation and my point of view is elaborated in the ensuing paragraphs.
To begin
with, one of the prime advent of overtaxing fast
; the state gets the extra income and
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that for recreational and educational
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. The use of collected tax money helps the authority to serve the nation in the best way by providing upgraded services.
For instance
, the regime should make gardening in metropolitan with gym facilities, which would be beneficial to all kinds of people from children to old age people.
, the public can be motivated to use provided services
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get relaxation from their routine life and stay fit;
, they can widen their social group by communicating with different crowds.
On the other hand
, adolescents are the primary consumers of unhealthy dishes,with
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prices they would not be able to eat similar kinds of cuisine regularly and would be forced to move toward a healthy diet.
will help them later in life since they start eating a nutritional diet and feel energetic. One excellent example of
is, one of the reports presented on Discovery , young athletes admitted the fact that a green diet is a prime reason for their outstanding performance since they can practice more without feeling tired.
, youth can benefit majorly from the change of lifestyle.
To conclude
, the implementation of firm laws regarding
consumption has become a necessity considering the consumption habits of society and It is the duty of the regulatory body to take steps in that direction.
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