You are interested in applying for a new position at your company but have some questions. Write a letter to you boss. In your letter include: Which position you are considering What questions you have about it How your boss can help you decide whether or not to apply.

Dear Mr John, I am writing to have a request from you, I am a translator who worked in your company for five years. I have learned to account in a good institution. I think so
position is not suitable for me. I used to have different experiences and I stay in
job for five years and
made me tired.
in addition
, I wanted to know if can I work in the financial part of your company because I can improve my ability and
will give me confidence. I want to know if possible for you that arrange a meeting and help me with your perspective. I am really passionate that I know your view. that you agree or disagree with my decision and why.
, I know you can advise me in different ways and for
reason, I am waiting to hear your answer. I am looking forward to hearing your answer. Yours faithfully. Sajjad.
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