A neighbour has damaged your car while parking his/her car in the lane in front of your house. Write a letter to your neighbour. In your letter: Explain why you’re writing Describe the damage to your car and express your feelings about it Recommend what steps he/she should take to resolve the situation

Dear Mr Alex, Hope you are doing good! I am the father of Ms Riyana, your daughter's friend, resident of Flat no. 264, 5th Floor, Building "A" of Ganpat Cooperative Society. I am writing
letter to express my disappointment, which I had
morning after seeing the damage caused to my brand new car. I inquired with security and came to know that it was done by you
night. As there is always a lightning problem in the parking lot, I can understand that it might happen due to visibility issues. As you are aware, I bought that car just two days back and now it is totally damaged from the back. I felt very upset when I
looked at it and wanted to complain about
, as we share the same neighbourhood and our little ones are good friends, it seems inappropriate to me. In the meantime, I had words with the car dealer and the insurer, they have given me an estimate of 20,000 out of which they will bear 70% of the total expense, and the remaining one which comes out to be 6,000 will be taken care of by the owner. I was wondering if you could take help me pay the remaining amount. I hope you can understand and can bear
amount. Looking forward to hearing from your side. Feel free to reach out to me. Regards, Shivam
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