You recently used a taxi and left some important documents there. Write a letter to the taxi manager and say: – Describe what you left and where it happened. – Why are these papers important? – What would you like the manager to do about it?

Dear Sir, I am writing
letter with regards to my travel through OLA
services in the morning today wherein I accidentally left a few of my important documents. I was running late for an important meeting and I booked a
from Adarsh Nagar to IT park, Chandigarh. The driver dropped me safely outside my Office building and I collected all my documents my senses only to realize later that my business papers remained in the
itself. It contained the business statistics for an upcoming deal at our company which can be part of the news in the coming weeks. I hope you understand that leakage of any corporate information can put me in serious trouble and turn out harmful to the public as well.
, it is my humble request that you yourself look into
matter and track the driver before it gets in the hands of someone else riding through that
. I kept the file (having a blue cover page) in the backside pocket of the driver’s seat. The driver’s name is Suresh Rana, it was White Accent with a number- PB 65-2675. Feel free to reach out if any
information is required. Hoping to hear from you at the earliest possible. Yours Faithfully, Akash
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