Your colleague recently gave you a book. You had a presentation, and this book helped you in the presentation. Write a letter to your colleague. In your letter, • tell the topic of your presentation • why the presentation was important for you • how the book helped you in presentation

Dear Ravi, How have you been? I am so excited to write
letter to inform you about the book which helped me a lot all the way during the presentation of my topic on " Global financial crisis and impact on education system" and I am glad to have
a nice friend like you. As you know, as part of my graduation project work I need to submit a presentation on any of the most recent topics despite the regular exams at the university.
, without
presentation we cannot get a certificate
is much needed and crucial to obtain recognition from the local government as well. Having said that, I was looking for a topic and suddenly
book helped me to figure out the numerous points. I was over the moon while preparing notes and I am so ecstatic right after my findings and observations of the topic.
In addition
, the entire team was mesmerized by the notes and they were impressed by the breathtaking pace of the all striking aspects. I cannot wait anymore to offer a party and I look forward to hearing your`s availability and I hope we will meet soon. Best Regards, Lakshmi.
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