Some people argued that technological inventions, such as mobile phone, are making people socially less interactive. Do you agree or disagree?

Using mobile phones as a technological device has become increasingly in recent years . Some people believe that
tendency can reduce real-human interactions. In my opinion, I completely agree with
view and think that the excessive use of mobile phones may be one of the most reasons for a decrease in real relations.
, the public tends to connect with their friends and families via mobile calls up.
In other words
, the ease and convenience of communication between the population in any place where there are and at all times encourage the population to use
device rather than in-person communication.
For example
of driving a car or taking public transportation in order to meet friends in a coffee or restaurant, individuals can make their calls and video via apps on smartphones comfortably and effortlessly.
That is
why people tend to prefer more online socializing .
, the smartphone provides humans with the possibility to practice many cheaper and individual leisures. To put it simply, these technological devices help people to entertain cheaply and individually
as video games and movies.
For instance
, adults prefer to watch movies in their home vis
gadget comfortably and cheaply rather than going to the cinema with friends.
As a result
, society will become more dependent on individual and virtual activities, and
face-to-face meetings will be decreased. In conclusion, I strongly believe that the new technological gadgets real-human real-human interactions because it offers the ease and convenience of communication and provides many virtual individual leisures.
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