The machines are now doing many things that use to be done in the home by hand. Advantages and disadvantages?

Nowadays, apparatus became an irreplaceable part of our daily life.
, these types of machinery made human life comfortable, but they impacted badly on folk’s health because of no physical efforts at work. In
essay, I will outline both the pros and the cons through valid arguments.
To begin
with, the major benefit of using machinery is time-saving.
of waiting to finish a chore by hand, these technical gadgets completed that task within some minutes.
For Instance
, microwaves, Washing machines and so on save pace that can be inculcated in other developmental things related to house or business. Apart from that, these instruments worked effortlessly and efficiently as Grinders used to grind spices, which is a pretty excruciating job manually.
, all these tools bring comfort, relaxation and hour management. On the flip side, the main downside is that people are deteriorating their wealth by relying on these appliances because they are adopting a sedentary lifestyle and avoiding any work related to manual touch.
For example
, WHO revealed a study that 50% populace is affected by dependency on technology
as a result
of which human beings are suffering from prevalent diseases
as obesity and heart attack.
, these engines consume loads of electricity. Despite usage for less term, they made the community pay millions of dollars every year. Needless to say, drawbacks are poor health and excessive electrical use. In conclusion,
the use of devices in domestic tasks provides convenience some citizens opposed them due to well-being destruction due to over-dependency.
, if demerits can be avoided with stringent regulations for betterment
no one can deny the positive aspects of technical home accessories.
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