Many countries want to host international sports event, while other countries think that hosting sports events has some problems that benefits. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

many nations are interested to organize worldwide sports matches, some people understand that could have some negative ramifications. In my opinion, the advantage of arranging
a program outweighs the drawbacks.
essay will discuss both views. On the one hand, organizing international matches allows a state to grasp trade opportunities from the universe.
is because, through
, a country can explore its heritage outside of the homeland and create a positive impression among the people. Put simply, viewers get to know about the hosting country’s habitats, cultures, norms, traditions, and t des either by attending the games or from the media broadcastings.
knowledge not only creates a distinct value to the tourist’s mind for the host but
generates business scopes.
For instance
, FIFA world cup Football-2014 was held in Brazil, which created millions of dollars in business by selling one of their traditional flutes named “Vuvuzela”.
On the other hand
, introducing
kind of event added extra expenditure for the inaugurating nation. A set of movements that are required to be done to commence
as building or renovating the stadiums, and purchasing sufficient games and safety instruments.
, employing accommodations for the athletes and the recruiting staff to facilitate the program are
added costs.
, most of these amenities remain unused after the end of the competition;
, no profit is generated.
For example
, Bangladesh constructed some contemporary cricket venues while organizing world cup Cricket 2018, which put a vast monetary strain on the government of the country as most of these playgrounds are no longer in eternal use. In conclusion, in my viewpoint, despite getting merchandising scopes being the most optimistic side of initiating a global match, it has occupied unfavourable consequences due to the extra expense. Never international tournament new alternatives are employed carefully, the pros of
will be far more than the cons.
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