You have recently migrated to another country. Now write this letter to your friend to describe your present life. In your letter say.. When you have moved to this country Why you chose this country How things are now for you

Dear Tyson, Hope you are doing well. I am very excited to let you know that I have moved to the United States to pursue my master's and PhD in Artificial intelligence. I have moved to
month and I really miss my family, friends and particularly our weekend outings.
, I have found a path to continue my passion for the subject of Artificial intelligence. After years of research, I found
country as the desired location to fulfil my academic and work goals.
, I found it very hard to fit into
, I got tremendous support from the people who are native to
country which made me adapt well to the current environment.
, my academics session are started and find them more appealing. Let's connect through video call whilst you are available. I am looking forward to your response. Best regards, Vivek V
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