Some people think that good planning is the key factor for success in life. Others think that there are more important factors that lead to success (hard work, luck). Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

It would be argued by some that wise arrangement skills play a crucial role to be successful in life, while others opine that diligence and luck are two significant elements that contribute to accomplishment. In my opinion, the combination of both views is the best way to
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people a strong sense of achievement. On the one hand, the belief that good planning is of utmost importance to succeed is reasonable for several reasons.
, arrangement in advance provides individuals assistance in having clear goals.
, not only can they follow the right direction in the
place, but they
have more opportunities to look forward and consider the benefits and drawbacks of each goal, which reduces the risks involved in wasting time and money.
, allocating resources properly is another advantage derived from
For example
, if a person wants to open a coffee shop, having the financial steps as well as economic knowledge plans beforehand can avoid failure for his business.
On the other hand
, I am firmly convinced that other factors
as hard work and fortune
share equal importance
the significance of having a wise plan. There is no denying that success is determined by those who are consistent with their goals and do not abandon
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them due
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to the number of failures.
, there are high chances for diligent people to achieve their goals than ever.
In addition
, luck is considered a spiritual factor on the way to success. Even though they work hard or plan well as much as possible, they may fail in their work if they do not grasp the chances at the right time. In conclusion, given that making a well-detailed plan is essential, I believe that other elements
as working hard and being lucky should be acknowledged in a way that ensures great achievement for the public as well.
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