Nowadays, more people are migrating to other countries than ever before. In order to become integrated into society inter adopted countries, immigrants should abandon their old ways and adapt to local customs and codes of behaviour. Do you agree or disagree?

It is becoming more popular to move to a foreign country from home.
, it is common to believe that it is necessary to give up previous cultures and
and take over new ones to be able to assimilate into the new society. From my perspective, it is an inevitable and crucial step to be involved in a way of life of a chosen country if a person wants to feel comfortable and satisfied.
, it is not necessary to quit one’s habits and
completely because it is quite possible to find a group of people with the same habits and patterns of demeanour.
To begin
with, it is paramount to get used to local traditions, language and mentality in a new community.
For example
, a study has shown that 25% of migrants leave a foreign country in 2-3 years because they can not adjust to a new tongue or models of behaviour.
, it is a matter of high importance to be ready to overcome difficulties related to
and social interactions.
, it is not necessarily true that an individual who moves to a new place will have to forget his or her domestic lifestyle. Undoubtedly, it is possible to find new friends on the web in the contemporary technically advanced world and make effort to integrate into a new community at the same time.
For example
, a nomad can make new friends with the same tongue and traditions on social media
as Facebook or Vkontakte.
For instance
, people migrating from Russia to Turkey continue leading almost the same way of lives because they make acquaintances with fellow countrymen via the Internet and afterwards establish strong connections with them in real life saving all the habitual patterns of behaviour and traditions despite the fact that Turkey and Russia have little in common in terms of mindset and
, it is still possible to assimilate into another society without leaving a habitual way of life. In conclusion, even though it is paramount to take crucial steps in order for migrants to assimilate into the new society it is not a non-negotiable necessity to eradicate the previous habits and
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