Many museum and historical sites are mainly visited by tourist rather than local people. Why is this? What can be done to encourage local people to visit museums and historical sites?

There has been an interesting tendency that many culture-related
, including museums and historical buildings, are more likely to attract visitors from other places rather than local people.
essay will analyze some possible reasons for
trend before providing some feasible solutions to improve the situation. On the one hand, native dwellers seem to be familiar with the lessons and stories about local histories and cultures, which is the reason why they are not interested in visiting local
related to cultural and historical themes. Having spent decades living in one place, local residents have learned many historical stories about the place where they grew up.
For example
, one's teachers at school or their parents might have told them about the origin of the city they live in and what was the city like a hundred years ago.
, local museums and historical sites, which introduce stories about local histories and cultural backgrounds, seem to be unappealing and unnecessary to local residents,
not to mention
the cases where an admission fee is required.
On the other hand
, there are numerous solutions that governments can take to develop
To begin
with, museums and historical sites can organise activities with varied themes and topics occasionally.
For instance
, exhibitions of historic relics from other places or open knowledge-sharing sessions by famous history researchers can be held on a monthly basis.
measure can kindle local citizens' interests because they would be able to learn new knowledge if they engage in these activities.
In addition
, these cultural
can provide special privileges to native dwellers,
as visiting for free,
encouraging them to visit during their spare time. Local people,
, would show their willingness as they can take a walk after dinner or spend some quality time with their family members in these places without any costs. In conclusion, local residents are not keen to visit historical
since they find it unnecessary to spend money on learning the knowledge they have known. Solutions including holding regular exhibitions with a variety of themes and providing special privileges can help encourage local people to come.
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