Some people believe that all the company decisions should be taken by the managers whereas others think it is better to include employees while making decisions. Discuss both the points and give your opinion.

some people tend to think that the decisions in the company should be taken by managers only, others believe that it is better to allow all the workers to make decisions. In my opinion, companies should follow the position which allows all employees to be responsible for results that should be taken by workers of all levels.
topic will examine both points of view and the opinion will be given in a conclusion. On the one hand, managers should answer significant questions and lead to profit.
, managers have a deeper understanding of the business and have more knowledge in areas
as leadership and the direction of the company.
For instance
, in Kazakhstan, regardless of the feedback, only directors are responsible for the races and climbs. Namely, if the company lost money and main investors, directors would be responsible for that.
On the other hand
, clerks earn their wages, take some risks, and have
Verb problem
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their occupations through difficult challenges.
, firms hire talents and do not wish to tell how they are forced to work.
In addition
, a multitude of enterprises allows employees to work as they wish. Namely, enterprises make working hours more flexible and there are only deadlines which should not be overdue.
For example
, the CEO of Apple has
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that they do not hire people to tell them what to do,
, they hire individuals the firm will follow.
To sum up
, nowadays, corporations hire a number of workers who would increase the income of the business.
, a number of firms have hired talents who could be aware of the business strategy and,
, would be possible to take significant risks.
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