Some people believe that smoking cigarettes should be banned. On the other hand, there are those who disagree with this measure. Do you agree or disagree with the banning of cigarettes?

the use of
is thought to be detrimental and should be prohibited in the name of public health, other people think it is a matter of personal choice which we should respect. I disagree with a smoking
because I think that a smoking
can prevent people from exercising their right to free will, and there are other countermeasures to discourage smoking without governmental intervention.
of all, prohibiting cigarettes potentially grants the government too much power in personal matters. If a smoking
is announced by the government, we can certainly expect that the government will soon start to decide on all other major matters in life,
for example
, the use of medicine, the partner we choose to marry, and the number of children that a family decides to raise. Never should will we desire an authoritative, controlling authority like
, not only is it crucial for governments to protect people’s free will, but it
grants individuals the option to choose their own path.
, there are other countermeasures to be taken in order to discourage the misuse of
For instance
, non-profit organizations, whose visions are to promote healthy lifestyles, might run public campaigns to advocate the potential harm caused by cigarettes.
On the other hand
, experts in the
industry may continue their research and development on electronic cigarettes, which serves as a substitute for real
with much less damage to the physical condition of smokers. The more of a “joint effort” that society puts in together to discourage smoking, the better our well-being. well-beings will be for everyone. In conclusion, a call for a smoking
is not necessary at all, as it may lead to the exploitation of governmental power. Aside from that, there are other alternatives that might be more effective
as public health campaigns designed to discourage public smoking.
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