Some people believe that we succeed in sport do to our inborn talent. Others argue that continues working on oneself is a key success. What do you think?

Nowadays, a significant number of people think we are successful in sports due to our inborn talents while other people are
in contrast
they believe working on yourself is the solution to progress . In
essay, I describe my point of view and draw a rational conclusion at the end.
, we cannot ignore the effect of talents as we know some children are incredibly good at something from the day they are born.
, once we figure out the stuff we are good at, we gain motivation for trying hard for that skill.
, being good at something can cause us to believe in ourselves and do our best.
For instance
, these days, many kindergartens are trying to find hidden talents in kids in order to train them. As we always hear from many therapists to find look for the stuff you can be successful at. 
, it is vital for everyone to know without trying hard and putting effort into something you cannot progress. Even though many people can tell you ,
for example
, you are a great painter. But, without trial, or trying no one can succeed.
, some kids may find some skills hard enough for them, but, they never give up and try to be experts at them. As an illustration, there are many scientists, and artists whose life stories we can read in which, everyone told them to give up, and no matter what they never did.  In conclusion, I consider being talented in something can be important but not essential as the effort you put into something. Without working on yourself you just lose the key to your success.
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