Your friend has asked you to teach English to their child. However, you do not have any English books so would like to borrow some from your teacher. Write a letter to your teacher. In your letter say which course you are taking describe the type of books you need to borrow ask to borrow the books

Dear Diana, I am writing to request that I need an English language grammar book for a few months.I would be extremely grateful if you could give me it. One of my closest friends asked me to teach his son the English language.His son has not a background regarding that.I think it would be better to teach anyone because I need to devise my teaching methods and procedure. As I mentioned,I would like to take the grammar material from you that you taught me.It is so helpful and understandable
it will facilitate his learning process.
,I would
have a chance to repeat some points that I have forgotten. If you do not use
grammar book from beginner to intermediate level,could I borrow it for a long period?With the exception of it,if you have any essential material,please inform me.
is simply because I do not have any. I look forward to receiving your response as soon as possible. Yours faithfully Malik Maliki.
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