In many societies, elderly people often live in retirement homes. This is not appropriate because families should always care for their aging members. Do you agree?

Senior citizens are often found living in retirement
. In some cultures,
kind of treatment is unacceptable since it is believed that ageing people should be taken care of by their families. I disagree with the statement and find it very reasonable to let nursing
look after them.
of all, there is no guarantee that families are capable of supporting and taking care of their ageing members. They normally have their own business to attend to.
For instance
, young people are often found to be busy with their job or studies.
As a result
, they would not be able to fulfil the needs of their elders. For
reason, it might be better to let them live in retirement
, which can provide them with everything they need and improve their life quality.
, senior family members would be able to socialize with others in nursing
. It is not rare for them to feel lonely or neglected
they are living with their family.
is due to the inability of both young and old people to empathize or connect with each other. To give a clear example, most teenagers or adults use sophisticated technologies in their daily lives which the elderly could barely fathom.
creates a barrier between them because they are unable to understand each other.
, it would actually be more considerate of the family to let them live with other elderlies. In conclusion, it is completely normal and reasonable for families to put their elders in nursing
. It would be much better than trying to do it themselves when they do not have the ability to do so.
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