In the last century, urban development has focused on building tall building as opposed to wide flat ones. Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages

There is a rising trend in the development of high-rise properties in the
few decades compared to horizontal houses. While apartments provide numerous pros
as cheap accommodation and space to accommodate a huge number of individuals in one place, they are not risk-free as any hazardous incident can cause a disastrous situation.
, the main benefit is that tower-structured properties can be occupied by a greater population. To explain
, if
a building is built upon the land, the crowd on every floor will share the same amount of space.
For instance
, Dubai's tallest building, Burj Khalifa, can hold hundreds of thousands of people in one building itself.
In addition
, while housing prices are on the rise, if there were not any tall buildings, the public would have struggled to get a roof over their heads. To illustrate, currently in Canada, detached houses are more than 50% more expensive, in comparison to, apartments.
, these places are quite easy to settle in, as most of the concerns
as security and garbage are handled by the management. One possible drawback is that there is a lack of safety as opposed to single houses when environmental issues occur.
In other words
, if there were any natural hazards
as earthquakes, it is far more likely, that the tower structures will collapse. A few years back earthquake and flood in Japan caused a large number of deaths because those high-rise apartments fell down.
, another thing to consider is that in
tall premises, residents live too close to comfort and the place can often become very noisy and disturbing. In conclusion, I believe that there are more pros to high-rise structures because it helps with keeping a roof over the head and provide ample space for a bigger community to live in a small area.
the danger of living in these are huge, they occur very occasionally and lead to
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