Weddings are getting bigger and more expensive. What is the reason for this? Is it a positive or negative development?

Undoubtedly, lavish marriages have been fashionable. People intend to make
even big-budget.
, in my ,opinion it is a negative development.
essay intends to explicate my views by taking instances to demonstrate the point and prove arguments. Many folks make weddings even more high cost for multifarious reasons. The most predominant factor is the desire to show off their wealth. To be more exact, the marriage function is an exhibition to reveal their financial status to society so they spend over an amount of cash.
, many people
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their capital in inheritance so they exaggerate the use of their money.
For example
,Ambani the famous business tycoon from India spent a lot on his daughter's wedding by inviting world-class celebrities to entertainment.
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,it was a matter of page three for a
, many people imitate well-settled folk,as they believe that marriage is a paramount significant part of life. For that, they loan huge cash from banks just to show their false pride, and
as a result
,as a , a result they spend their debt life for many years by sacrificing their needs.
, making weddings spendy is not a good idea.
, I have a few points to support my arguments. The first and foremost factor is to increase the dowry system. To be more precise, spending
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over cash of money allure towards the dowry system has not only a negative impact but
leads to bankruptcy in some cases.
For instance
, many folks sell their property to marry their daughter or son without thinking foreseen
, if any sudden emergency occurs they do not have funds to sort it out.
In other words
, it makes society greedy and materialistic where only capital matters to them rather than relations.
it is a curse on the community. In conclusion. Weighing all points I tend to reiterate that spending an extra amount of capital is a waste of wealth
of, wasting the amount of money we save for our future needs.
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Task Achievement
Your essay addresses the topic but lacks development in some areas. Ensure you provide a balanced view with more specific examples to support your arguments.
Coherence and Cohesion
The essay has an acceptable logical structure, but the introduction and conclusion could be more distinct. Work on providing a clearer introduction and summarizing the main points in the conclusion.
Topic Vocabulary:
  • lavish
  • extravagant
  • nuptials
  • matrimony
  • social status
  • opulence
  • milestone
  • financial leverage
  • debt
  • peer pressure
  • consumerism
  • showcase event
  • ceremonial splendor
  • bridal extravaganza
  • market forces
  • commercialization
  • budgeting
  • social comparison
  • destinal wedding
  • event planning
  • wedding vendors
  • loan
  • prestige
  • economic impact
  • mandatory spending
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