Some people feel that governments should take a large proportion of people’s salaries to pay for necessary public services such as roads and schools. Others feel that high taxes are a bad thing. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Some part of the population thinks that the government should invest a part of the people's
in public services, but others do not agree with
statement. I reckon that it could be a positive and a negative thing. Nowadays, our society needs our investment and help. We can see a lot of problems in different areas
as the bad quality of the school, medical care system and roads, which destroy the whole infrastructure of the city.
it's a hard job to increase considerably the condition of the hospital, the government should take a small quantity of
from the population and invest in public services.
For instance
, in the UK, the government takes a certain percentage of
from the workers and uses them properly, investing them in the country's needs. In fact,
prospers significantly in the wealth of the state. My take on the
statement, people might disagree with high taxes because plenty of them are living in a corrupted state, and don'
earn much
to be able to live normally. The population don'
believe that their
will go to the state's needs.
, if they had earned much more
for a better life, they wouldn'
have rejected that kind of tax.
For example
, I live in a poor country where the level of corruption is high. Meanwhile, the salaries are too small, and my nation can'
afford to pay high taxes. In a nutshell, I think it's a good idea to contribute to our country, but we should be well informed about where the
is going and for what it is used.
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