Many people say that cooking and eating at home is better for individuals and the family than eating out in restaurants or canteens. Do you agree or disagree?

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that cooking and eating at their own places is better for them and their families than eating out in restaurants or canteens. Personally, I agree with
statement, and my opinions will be discussed for the following reasons.
To begin
with, I believe that cooking and eating in people's own houses can save money more than having repast in the cafeterias.
For instance
, a family can cook a piece of beef for a variety of dishes
as stir-fried beef with some vegetables and beef in curry soup, and those homemade dishes may cost them only 20-30 dollars.
By contrast
, it may charge them more than a hundred dollars for the same dishes in the restaurants.
, I believe that homemade foodstuff could help people control their budgets which is better for them than buying food from outside.
, having meals together in their own dining room could support
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relationships for family members than going outside for lunch or dinner.
For example
, they can spend quality time together
they are making dinner and sharing the table. They can talk, discuss , share information and care for each other when they stay in the kitchen or eat at their meal times. Plus, the more they have time to be with each other, the more they
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build a greater
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which is more invaluable than spending only one or two hours in the cafeterias.
, I agree that when people cooking and eating at home is better than buying food outside because it promotes better rapport among them. In conclusion, having meals outside may cost much more money than making food at home.
In addition
, spending more time together to help with baking, setting the table and sharing meals at home obviously develops more valuable relationships in the families.
, I believe that homemade cuisine is superior for individuals and families to eat out at any restaurant or canteen.
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