One of your neighbor’s children has accidentally broken the front window of your car. You should write a letter to his/her parents and in your letter you should • introduce yourself • explain how it happened • and what they should do.

Dear Franklin, Here is Pollyanna, your front-door neighbour. I have some bad news for you, so I’m writing to inform you that your oldest boy, Steven, damaged the front window of my vehicle. Most of the children use to play basketball in the parking area of our building, which we must agree it’s not a good idea as many times they drop the ball on cars. Yesterday, was not different, I was going to work, and before I get in the car, immediately the window glass was made into pieces after the boy let the ball slide from his hands accidentally, which can be checked by the security camera register. There is no other transportation to my job area than by car,so I had no option but to go for repair. The service was made
afternoon, and the recipe has been attached to
letter, I hope you reimburse me as soon as possible because your son made the mistake. Looking forward to hearing your response, Best wishes, Pollyanna
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