ou work at home and have a problem with a piece of quipment that you use for your job. Write a letter to the shop or company which supplied the equipment. In your letter -describe the problem with the equipment -explain how this problem is affecting your work -say what you want the shop or company to do

Dear Sir or Madam, I am writing with regard to a hair dryer that I have purchased from your website which is not running properly since I received it at home. Two weeks ago, I ordered
a professional equipment
Remove the article
professional equipment
a piece of professional equipment
show examples
, which was recommended for the best hair stylist in the country, because of its power and fast results. Unfortunately,
device is spending more than an hour to simply dry a small hair, because it does not reach the temperature needed to make the job.
As a result
, on a busy Saturday, I have seven clients waiting in line to have their cut finalized for more than three hours,
Correct word choice
show examples
I was supposed to conclude
job in one hour.
inconvenience cost me $300, as I had to pay two assistants to support me and do the task on time in order to avoid dissatisfaction from the public. As the matter is related to the product you sold me, I request a
Replace the word
show examples
for what I have paid and
compensation for the extra costs
as additional people to assist me. I look forward to receiving your prompt response, Yours sincerely, Pollyanna Souza
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