You took an elderly member of your family, who was not able to walk properly, to a museum and he/she faced a few problems. Write a letter to the manager of the museum. In your letter, say why you visited the museum describe the problems you faced suggest what can be done to avoid those problems

Dear sir, I am writing regarding my visit along with my
who had to face many obstacles during our stay in your museum. The main reason to show interest towards your museum was my
who really wanted to visit there to recall their love memories because she used to meet my grandfather there. During our visit, my
needed a wheelchair to explore all the areas of your tourist attraction, but we had been disappointed by saying that you do not provide
facility in your area as well as my
had to suffer a lot during our stay there.
, bathrooms have not been provided in different areas, so my
had to walk ten minutes to return to the same bathroom which we used during our check-in. I would be thankful if you tackle these problems by building more bathrooms as well as providing wheelchair facilities to vulnerable people. Kind regards, Maninderdeep Kaur
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