You have recently ordered an item through the Internet, but are not happy with the purchase. Write to the company. In your letter: – describe what you purchased, – explain why you are not happy with the purchase, – tell them what you would like them to do about the situation.

Dear Sir/ Madam, I am writing to express my annoyance with a purchase on your online store. I have ordered a set of soccer equipment’s that
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advertised on your site including a pair of soccer shoes as well as
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three set
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of socks.
, on their arrival I found that it was only a set of socks were delivered.
, I ordered boot size number 10 but I got 8 which caused me substantial inconvenience as it was not fit to me .
In addition
, there were scratches on the boots that suggest that
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had been used before and returned to your store. I have since found the same offer on another website and will be returning the package to your store. I already read
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the return
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policy of your site and as I am dissatisfied with the product, I would like to request
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a refund
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for all
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fees including postal charges as well delivery charges. If you have any
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please email
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[email protected] I am looking forward to hearing from you. Yours faithfully, Nick Jones
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