Some parent believe that learning mathematics at school is redundant and should not be taught while others believe that it should remain a foundational subject whether or not it is used later in life. Discuss both sides.

In today's World
some parents tend to argue that teaching
at school is not useful anymore, others claim that the particular
remains crucial to children, so should be taught as a basic
in schools. 
essay will go on to examine
phenomenon, stating its pros and cons, and declare the writer's opinion
at the end
of the essay.   Generally, those who dissent possess the notion that a child's education level itself, cannot be measured in terms of the level of ability to solve math easily.
is because not every child shows an acceptable level of conduct when attempting to solve equations.
, the main focus of these parents indicates a shift into a different perspective, in which a child's success is measured,
as to find out their hidden talents rather than to carve out and try to polish something they do not have an interest in. 
, the proponents of the view insist that the
is relevant and can be encouraged to learn from a young age at schools. More importantly, when these students reach the working adult age,
would not be felt more seldom or uncommon to them, and they can utilize their knowledge in our day-to-day transactions.
, it opens up world-renowned opportunities for those who excel in
. Prime examples can be illustrated in the different potential job roles involving physics and
as engineers and pilots. In conclusion, the benefits
has offered to individuals are quite fascinating and mindblowing. I strongly disagree with those who are against teaching numbers at school as the
is vastly associated and is absorbed into our daily routine via expenditure.
, children must
be given the opportunity to study the
as it would be highly beneficial to them.
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