You have been assigned to give a networking presentation with your colleague from a different office, who you met last year. Write a letter to your colleague. In your letter: • Inform your colleague that you will be working together. • Provide your initial ideas on the networking presentation. • Ask for a time to meet and practice the presentation.

Dear Mr Ali,
is Ahmed Elnahhas, I am from the finance and business team, we met
year at the annual sales meeting in the head office, it was nice to meet you there, as we had many discussions about our work and how we can enhance the process. I am writing to you in response to a letter received from HR asking to prepare a networking presentation we have been selected to prepare it together;
, I hope to accept my meeting invitation at my office next week to discuss the main points. In a matter of fact, I thought of some points which may help us,
for example
, talking about the relationship between managers and employees,
what about team building? I think there are more ideas which we can brainstorm together at the meeting. In end, I am waiting for your feedback about our meeting next week on Wednesday 22 March, I prepared everything and booked a quiet meeting room for our discussion. Yours Sincerely,
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