Your next-door neighbour likes to listen to music late at night. Because of the loud music, you often lose sleep. Write a letter to the building manager. In your letter describe the situation explain the problems it is causing you offer at least one solution

Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing to complain about the noise issue caused by the person living next door to me
night. I am Mike living on 702, building number 2. Yesterday, around 11 pm I
was suddenly waken
Change the verb form
was suddenly wakened
was suddenly wakening
show examples
up by very loud music. It lasted for another 10 minutes and I could not sleep at all.
I got out of my door and I found out the noise was from my neighbour 701. I was trying to talk to him,
, unfortunately, he told me he could not turn down the volume as he and his band had to practice at the night and
he just shut down the door. After that, I could not sleep at all because of the anger and noises. Every day I need to get out of town for the community very early at 7 am,
, I have to go to bed by 10 pm at the latest,
, it will bring a very serious impact on me the next day.
For instance
, I am not able to concentrate on my work
due to
a headache. With respect to the remedial steps, I would appreciate it if you would talk to him and ask him to follow our standard rule to keep quiet at 10 pm. I think
is the obligation for every resident to obey. I hope we can sort
matter out immediately. Yours faithfully, Mike
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