You are living overseas and have just come across an article about your country in a magazine where some of the information is incorrect. Write a letter to the editor. Explaining what the incorrect information is say how the editor could change it Suggest another topic about your country that they could write about

Dear Sir/Madam, I hope you are doing well. I am Rabiah Khalid from Pakistan currently living in Germany. Recently, I came across one of your articles written in the magazine XYZ about current politics in Pakistan.
article shattered me into pieces after knowing how you are depicting my country as its people are already going through a lot. In my opinion, you can change it by using polite words towards Pakistani people.
of bashing our government, you can write about different positive sides of Pakistan that could
help in enhancing the economic status of my country.
On the other hand
, you can write about different tourist spots in it to support more tourism and to uplift its economy. On its Northern side, there are many tourist attractions that are breathtaking and need to be highlighted.
, it will help its people and reduces poverty rates. Kindly consider my polite request and review it. Yours Faithfully, Rabiah Khalid
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