some people believe that no one should be allowed to continue working after the age of 65. However, others say there shouldn’t be a limitation on the age and anyone should be allowed to work regardless of their age. Discuss both views and give an opinion.

There is an ongoing debate that whether companies allow employees after 65 or elderly people are not considered to continue their work. From my perspective, I think it should be a
's decision if he works after 65 or not. In the forthcoming essay, I will explain both viewpoints.
To begin
with, the first and foremost reason for to age restriction issue is productivity. To elaborate, becoming older has some limitations like being less energetic.
, it causes some health issues like hypertension, diabetes, and mental instability. All of these results in less efficiency to be productive.
, when an elder
is active in his profession there is no scope for the young generation.
As a consequence
, youngsters can not be financially stable and they can be involved in crime to earn money.
, companies can hire new employees with fewer salaries
the experienced ones took higher.
For instance
, recently Facebook cut down its expenses by firing most of its high-ranking workers and
it is now doing 20% more profitable business.
, a
could be more fruitful because of experience over the years.
, they know how to deal with any difficult task or situation easily and their employer could gain more profit.
In addition
, when an aged
is the only earning member of a family, it would be beneficial to the family to live their life without depending on government facilities or pensions rather
individual can be more important to society by paying taxes.
For example
, in a developing, country a retired
depends on a pension
they can be a resource to the nation as a whole if he is allowed to work after 65. In a nutshell, considering all the facts, though it is reasonable to limit working after 65 it offers more advantages if they are allowed to continue work.
, restrictions to employment after 65 can not be supported. In my opinion,
decision should leave upon the individual.
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