People generally know that the environment is important. However, most individuals still don't take responsibility to protect the environment. Why is this? what should be done to encourage people to protect the environment. Give reasons for your answer or include any relevant examples from your own experience or knowledge.

Nowadays, subjects like climate change, the greenhouse effect and pollution are of paramount interest to a plethora of governments.
, a great part of the world population still thinks
that is
not "their problem" and does not take any measures to help our planet. I strongly believe that if would be more interest in generating consciousness around the globe and promoting a number of "green habits", people would change the way they think about Earth.
, I consider that youth is our future, which makes education one of the most essential strategies to start changing our present and getting some hope for what will come.
For instance
, children need to be taught at school about the importance of having a healthy planet, showing them not only the consequences of pollution created by humanity but
teaching new simple habits that kids can adapt to their life.
way, pupils would
to their parents at home, increasing the number of people involved in
change. At
but not least, we need to be a joint society, where the community act with empathy and compassion. In
sense, I believe that governments have the responsibility to promote a strong nation with principles.
, for those who do not want to act properly, authorities need to make sure people comply with the law. One clear example is the application of fines to these persons that do not follow the green policies like taking out the rubbish on the correct day or preparing it for recycling when needed.
way, states would be guaranteeing environmental preservation. In conclusion, governments must deploy educational strategies to make the population more conscious and propitiate green habits in society by implementing new laws. If societies take responsibility for their actions,
will help protect the environment.
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