in the future all cars, buses and trucks will become driverless. The only people travelling inside these vehicles will be passengers. Do you think the advantages of driverless vehicles outweigh the disadvantages

Thanks to technology, modernisation in the transport sector are rapidly happening around the world. In the wake of
a fact, some people predict that
will become driverless in future.
prediction gives an opinion that it may help common people to travel easily, I believe that the drawbacks are far greater than the few advantages. Driverless
, to my knowledge, are fully operated by computers or robots. Computers are able to work as per the data configured inside,
it is highly possible for these automobiles to be more precise in the calculation, as in future it may help to avoid man-made errors in the transport system.
, travel time could be decreased as they tend to maintain the exact speed.
For example
in manual driving, speed control purely depends on the mood of the driver. If he/she wants to travel slowly, they will operate
according to
their wish. Despite having these merits, there are other disadvantages that can
due to
travelling without a manual driver.
, many people are working as drivers.
their employability and livelihood might significantly reduce if all buses and trucks start to run without drivers.
, human touch cannot be replaced by automated machines in terms of the safety of passengers. Recently, on a public bus in the city of Mumbai,
one passenger suffered from excruciating chest pain, the driver immediately drove to the hospital and saved his life.
is an apt illustration to prove the fact that computer-operated
cannot be passenger-friendly.
To conclude
, any modernisation has both positives and negatives. As
, the dream of driving automobiles with robots not only does maintain precision in calculation and speed but
affects negatively the livelihood of real-life human drivers and compromises the safety of passengers.
, on balance, I strongly believe that the downsides are outweighed the upsides.
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