In many parts of the world, children are given more freedom than in the past. Is this a positive or negative development?

In some nations, children are allowed to get more freedom than previously.
trend has sparked a debate in our society about whether it is a positive or negative change. In my opinion,
is an innovative notion and should be widespread for some reasons.
, being free to make choices can make kids develop decision-making skills.
they are making decisions, errors are liable to occur;
, they can
gain knowledge from their mistakes and withdraw precious lessons for themselves. A prime example of
is if they forget to do something or run out of time, it can assist them
to see
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in seeing
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the importance of time management and planning. As failure is the mother of success
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it is important children experience minor unhappy obstacles to be more mature. Another benefit of being free is that they are more likely to become independent and decisive adults in their later lives. Obviously, depending too much on their parents prevents them from knowing what they really want or need.
, on acknowledging the importance of raising rounded kids, myriad caregivers provide them with more chances to make options by themselves.
For instance
, today's young parents have a tendency to let their offspring select food
according to
their wants from several months old in lieu of forcing them to eat what is prepared in accordance with their guardians' will.
To conclude
, I concede that letting kids grow freely has a certain number of advantages and is a positive trend. As long as parents give them enough guidance, more freedom will help the next generation become the elite in our society.
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