Some people say that too much attentions and too many resources give rise to the protection of wild animals and birds. Do you agree or disagree?

It is widely known that pouring excessive attention and resources can protect wild
. I agree that we should sincerely care for these wild species for the following reasons. First of all, it is true that some
in wildlife are on the verge of extinction
due to
humans’ negligence and carelessness. An increase in construction, exploration and consumption could threaten wild species’ living environment and resources of food. Forest fires caused by a logger in New South Wales, Australia is a case in point. Thousands of hectares of forest were under fire over two weeks, claiming many kinds of
as kangaroos, rabbits and squirrels
as well as
destroying their natural houses.
, I think that we need to pay much more attention to these wild
by reducing our detrimental effects on nature in order to protect their lives and breeding.
, investment in the protection of wild
is an effective solution. Surveys have shown that a lot of wild species are in jeopardy because of humans’ criminal activities.
For instance
, white tigers and white crocodiles which are rare, unique kinds of
are now hunted and killed to steal their skins for the sake of decoration and clothing production.
, stricter laws and regulations are necessarily imposed to minimize illegal hunting and trade.
, funding and education in the community are
highly recommended to prevent wild species from extinction.
To sum up
, excessive investment and attention are expected to protect and maintain a certain number of wild
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task response
The essay presents relevant reasons to support the argument. However, the response might be viewed as somewhat incomplete in addressing all aspects of the task.
coherence cohesion
The introduction and conclusion are present, but the essay lacks clarity and consistency in the logical structure of the argument.
Topic Vocabulary:
  • resource allocation
  • conservation
  • intrinsic value
  • ecosystem
  • biodiversity
  • sustainable
  • ethical responsibilities
  • species extinction
  • wildlife protection
  • economic development
  • human welfare
  • environmental ethics
  • endangered species
  • habitat preservation
  • biocentric
  • anthropocentric
  • eco-centric
  • biodiversity hotspot
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