Many people say that globalisation and the growing number of multinational companies have a negative effect on the environment. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

The majority of people argue that the increasing number of relations between factories between nations and globalisation will bring some bad impacts to our surroundings.
essay totally agrees with the statement because cultural acculturation and intolerant behaviour can make relations between
even worse. There are several reasons that support
issue and one of the most conspicuous things is cultural differences. Each
has its own
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not want to be replaced or even eliminated.
, by opening up opportunities for international companies to interact, slowly they will affect the nation with their products resulting in acculturation.
For example
, Indonesian teenagers are highly influenced by Western lifestyles that make them rely on using products from international brands, thereby, the local brands are being left out and can not compete with the bigger market.
In addition
, not every person can tolerate outsiders the same way they treat their people. When there is a problem involving a
, most of them will defend their own
so that it can affect relations between
For instance
, when there are international sports matches, there are often problems because they will support their
and stand their ground leading to a riot and making them enemies. In conclusion, having a relationship between
can bring negative impacts because there are differences in culture and views so it is easier for problems to occur.
, there will be acculturation that makes people not really attached to their
's culture and rely on other
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Address the prompt directly and present a well-structured response that covers different aspects of the topic. Provide specific examples to support the points made and ensure that the ideas are fully developed.

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