Write a letter to the singer. In your letter: -say how you feel about his/her performance -give details of your music related activities -explain how you would like him/her to help you with your music-related activities

Dear Shihan, I'm a big fan of yours since 2009, after your presence on the Sirasa superstar reality show. Before 2009 I know about you because I studied at the same school and was one year younger than you. I'm writing
letter to express my point of view about you. You are my favourite singer
due to
a number of reasons. The first thing is your voice, actually is it adorable and it is just a meditation. The second reason is your good qualities, as a young and energetic singer you help so many youngsters to come forward, and you encourage them. On the other ,hand you are an exemplary husband
as well as
a father. These good qualities build you to be a superstar. As a professional music composer, I really love listening to music. I did several music videos and some of them became the song of the week on famous channels,
Add a comma
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I am really keen to do a song with you. If you could join me, I would be very grateful. Hoping to hear you soon. yours sincerely, Shamal
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