Write a letter to your friend who lives in another country and in your letter: a) Invite him/her to a public event in your country b) Describe the public event c) Explain what other plans you have for your friend when he/she will visit

Dear Salome, I hope you are well. I write to invite you to the Christmas Carol Festival happening in my country. The celebration is set for the 24th of December, on Christmas Eve. It happens in Akwa Ibom state in Nigeria every year since its inception in 2012. During the event, choristers and artists are invited from all over the world to sing carols all night long. Fortunately, the Carol festival
year will be held at the stadium behind my house. Asides attending the carnival, we can
see the cooking competition on the 26th of December. Different cuisines will be on display and I remember how much you love good food.
, there will be lots of gifts and prizes that will be won that day. As much as you don't enjoy crowds, I can assure you that
event will blow your mind.
, it's been so long since I saw you and I really wish you make out time to be here as it will not be the same without you. I look forward to seeing you. Warm wishes, Emmy.
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