The Internet has dramatically altered our lives over the past few decades. Although some of these changes have been negative. The overall technology has been positive . What are your opinion on this?

Modernity influenced and changed humanity which ignites the progress of technology that enriched the well-being of every individual over the past years, yet for some ,reason it became a failure.
According to
Aldo Tassi, science has many disadvantages because of its manipulative ability to humans. it is addictive like opium that man cannot escape from.
, some people tend to use technology for atrocious motivations.
For example
, media influencers and content creators tend to use
platform for personal purposes that affect the principles of other beings.
, the advancement of science became toxic and harmful.
, as our world developed, the improvement of knowledge is inevitable in which experts always try different experiments to unveil the secrets of the world. In
view, I agree because even though modernity has many drawbacks, positive results outweigh it. In a logical sense, the USA became a first-world country because of the constant and dynamic change of skills and talents in which experts like scientists are being funded for different experimentation that can help one's country's economy to engage competitively worldwide.
, through the use of gadgets and the internet as browsing data, humans had easy access to everything.
For instance
, people who love reading, because of internet connection beings can save some penny
of buying physical books.
, the internet opens man to have connections to his/her loved ones.
, the reliability of sources and connections became possible and unlimited. In conclusion, the evolution of technology gave an opportunity for people to change and be humane. Through its beneficial ,effects we can now challenge the demands of reality.
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • Enhanced Communication
  • advent of emailing
  • social media
  • messaging apps
  • instantaneous
  • Access to Information
  • unparalleled resource
  • continuous learning
  • professional development
  • E-commerce
  • online services
  • revolutionized
  • conduct business
  • convenience
  • global connectivity
  • cyberbullying
  • privacy concerns
  • addiction to online activities
  • conscious use
  • stringent regulations
  • breaking down geographical barriers
  • global understanding and cooperation
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