Some people believe that teenagers should study all school subjects. Others argue that they should focus on only the subjects that they are good at or find most interesting. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

It is true that these days people encourage their young generations to master all the
, partly others think it is less essential to understanding each material at school.
there are some arguments related to
statement, I believe that it will be beneficial for youngsters to learn all the core
. On the one hand, there are several people that think it is less important to learn all the
at school. The most compelling reason is that adolescents have a limited capacity to understand all the materials that teachers give each day, which leads to frustration.
For example
, students who have lacked abilities in science will find it difficult to understand the whole reproduction chapter.
As a result
, they will be less motivated than studying English
In addition
, if teens have many courses to be done in a day, they have to repeat the materials again at home with their parents, which requires a lot of time.
As a result
, students will have very limited time to think deeply about their previous
in class.
On the other hand
, I totally agree that students need to learn all the school’s
. In the first place, they need to have a strong foundation to build their critical thinking through several compulsory courses,
as math, to develop their abilities to think logically in the future.
For instance
, every individual needs to understand how to count things which have only been told in math class.
, they can solve various hard calculations in the future.
, additional courses,
as art or music class, can bring many benefits for relaxation and stress release. People who have been drawing and playing instruments for a long time have a more balanced emotion than others, resulting in a more peaceful life in the long run. In conclusion, I totally agree that the younger generations have to learn as many materials as they can to enrich their knowledge and
the ability to solve problems even better for their forthcoming.
is because it is imperative for their fundamentals of thinking that will be useful for their future. Given
situation, it is recommended that parents should take education as an important thing for their children.
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