Many people claim that massive invesment in tecnology for space exploration is a wastage of money. Do you agree or disagree?

Much debate has arisen as to whether investments in territory exploration are in fact unnecessary and costly. Of course, experiments give us more information about our space and the possibilities of other life forms.
, opinions differ when it comes to spending money on something individuals cannot see and benefit from.
essay will examine both sides of the debate and I will conclude with my own personal opinion.
To begin
with, advocates of
believe that space exploration is essential to humanity.
, it is adequate that scientists devote their time and energy to
, the government should allocate resources to support researchers as well. As an illustration, there are theories about how the Earth will become hostile toward human beings, and galaxy exploration could increase the chances that there may be other planets that are suitable for life forms.
, the second opinion views that rather than spending money searching for something that might not be possible to find, scientists should focus on saving the earth
most experiments have distributed significant knowledge to society, some studies have risked human and animal lives and gotten nothing out of it.
For example
, NASA carried out an experiment to whether life forms can survive in outer space. Specifically, using a dog that one of the researchers adopted from a shelter, Laika.
Above all
, the fact that Laika would certainly die was obvious from the beginning. To summarize, my view is that despite the numerous benefits of
travel, resources should be provided for other purposes including global warming and pollution.
it is clear that
the idea of investing money in the so-called expedition cannot be supported.
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