Working long hours causes a great deal of stress and can be very bad for the health. The government must find a way to reduce this thype of stress. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is undoubtedly true that the majority of underdeveloped nations suffering through a recession where their rules and regulations are not up to the mark and employers are exploiting the labour and completing their assignments forcefully them. I largely agree with the view that regimes have to take stern steps to deal with
kind of discrimination. I will discuss the way how lawmakers can control
and give my opinion in the upcoming paragraphs. To commence with the first argument that legislation and regulation are perfectly in place. To elaborate on
, authorities should strictly impose limits on the employer's
as well as
employee's working hours. Organisations that avoid following rules and regulations that should be fined by authorities.
For example
, The ministry of the U.S. set hours limits for work for paramedical staff.
, following the appropriate working hours by personnel can be proven a boon for their health.
, authorities have to educate and aware the employees and executives of their rights. To explain
, lawmakers have to run significant sessions for the public where there they can educate the public about working rights.
, the regime should provide paid leaves that can help personnel to get the benefit of a break from work for their health.
As a result
, If locals are fully aware of their rights
can help people to avoid any trouble with the administration. Taking everything into consideration, It is true that everything is in the government's hands but employers
have to take some initiatives on a humanitarian basis to avoid deluding their personnel.
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