Is it good for children to start using computers from an early age and spend long hours on them? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages.

literacy is a must to deal with the day to day activities. It is popular that kids are stepping into using electronic
and passing extended hours on those
from a small age. There are both pros and cons to spending time on these electronic items from the beginning. In
essay, I will discuss some of the reasons why interacting with computers for a
is good and some of the drawbacks that they have to face. 
To begin
with, one of the main positives of
start using
Wrong verb form
starting to use
show examples
from a young age is that the
can cope with fast-forwarding technology.
For example
, these days teachers are uploading assignments and homework to the internet as students have to download, complete and upload it for corrections. If offspring cannot do
by themselves, they have to
Verb problem
show examples
support from an expert. So
literacy makes someone more rounded as a person.
, the subject of ICT has become a main subject for students from grade one to grade 11. Not only English and Mathematics but
ICT have occupied a huge position in the school syllabus.
In addition
, a
with good technological skills with pc is considered a techie in schools these days. So having an interaction with PCs will be really helpful for a student to cope with.  Turning to the opposite side of the argument, spending long hours on electronic
can lead to addiction and thereby will direct to social isolation.
expertise in new technology will bring good prospects in the relevant field,
will tend to children ignore friends, family and pets.
will impact kids' mentality. Another issue is that a longer period of screening time can cause eye problems and sight issues.
For instance
, these electronic items are emitting harmful rays for the eyes which can directly affect the
's eyesight. 
To conclude
, expertise in electronic
will be beneficial for youngsters in the future. You need to weigh up the pros of computers for day-to-day life and education
mitigating the cons of health and mental issues by using electronic
wisely. Personally, I believe the benefits in terms of
literacy eventually outweigh any negatives.
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