Write about the following topic: Of late, it is believed that students studying in secondary school and high school should be taught how to manage money as it is an important life skill. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this argument? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Our ancestors always said that managing money is an art, and everyone should learn it. For that reason, many believe that pupils should
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art from their school life. I completely agree that early education on cash management makes them financially independent and they could prevent heavy debt and will explain
with examples in the forthcoming paragraphs. To commence, knowing cash management not only
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schoolgoers the value of money but
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them to plan their future lives. if they learn to manage funds in their early life, they can even start investing and become conservative about their unnecessary expenses, leading them to financial independence when they retire.
For example
, many mutual fund schemes can assist individuals to make crores within 30 years of the horizon by investing consistently.
As a result
, financial literacy and correct education at an early age can make them live freely during their sixties.
, funds planning will teach them about debt which is quite necessary for anyone to learn early. Because of
education, they would always avoid opting for huge loans, and even if they opt for it, they would know the plan to repay it quickly.
For instance
, many teenagers get carried away from online shopping, and they take credit card loans for their useless buying,
early knowledge will prevent them from doing so. To summarize, learning the fundamentals of wealth will drive their life in the correct direction, and they will not
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to suffer from any sort of financial issues.
, teaching them a very useful skill like money management can play a vital role in their stable and happy adulthood.
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