Some people believe that the advent of economical air travel has been very beneficial by making international travel more accessible, while others argue that it has a very negative impact. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

It has been frequently argued that the innovation of aeroplanes has brought ample advantages, whilst few masses opine it has harmful consequences on the lives of individuals. In
, essay I would like to shed light on both perspectives
along with
my perspective in the upcoming paragraphs.
To begin
with, the invention of air vehicles has combat the whole globe into a village, where people could visit any area within certain hours.
, voyagers, who love to travel across the world, could fulfil their dreams and enjoy their
life utmost
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lives at the most
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affordable prices.
, youngsters and families frequently spend their vacations at various tourist destinations.
, the masses from developing and underdeveloping places migrate to developed nations by air and they have been working hard to achieve success in their lives.
For instance
, thousands of international students and workers come to the Western parts of the world,
they are leading their dream life as they have cheap air flights.
On the other hand
, irresponsibilities and improper management at the airports sometimes create problems for dwellers. To commence with, if the pilots and other mechanics do not verify the technical and mechanical details of the aeroplane in advance, it could lead to serious accidents and become a reason for the death of travellers.
For example
, the newspaper headlines
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are entitled
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to the incidents that happen
due to
the negligence of attendants.
, when citizens book tickets close to the travel date because of an emergency, it charges high prices and they
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it arduous to
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a decision. In conclusion, the technical advancements in the modes of travel have reduced the distance and prices of visiting around the world,
, improper verification and sudden bookings are always a matter of concern. In my opinion, the proper checking by the experts should be done prior to initiating a journey and money should not be inclined to sudden changes in the plan.
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