There have been major advances in technology over recent decades and this have led to significant improvements in peoples live. To what extend do you agree or disagree?

In past decades, technology
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by leaps and bounds and
as a result
, there has been a dramatic enhancement in
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lives. There are two main reasons; one is it has changed the way people can communicate and another is it has countless benefits for their country's growth. I will elaborate on both benefits with concrete examples, in the forthcoming paragraphs. To commence with
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the general public is communicating now because of the technological enhancements in recent years. In earlier times, the population used to talk either face-to-face or only through letters. Thanks to these innovations, nowadays, it
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completely changed because of many online platforms and applications available to have conversations in seconds. Internet applications like WhatsApp,
for example
, have revolutionized communication between parties, irrespective of the country they are currently in.
, it allows them to send pictures, videos, and even video calls to capture the live moments of their relatives and friends in no time.
In addition
, digitisation helped many countries to boost their economies in less than a decade. India,
for instance
, is now in the top three economies of the world, just because their billions of people have grown financially. Entrepreneurs can now list their products online and sell them to millions of people with less effort, which led to
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the growth of
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their businesses exponentially. E-commerce marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart allow many micro and small business owners to list their own goods.
, businesses are able to make a high amount of profit from their online stores which leads to an increase in their daily spending abilities, and eventually, it has benefited their economies.
To conclude
the latest technologies gifted us with many benefits
as telecommunication and economic growth, they could have many disadvantages as well if we do not use them wisely. In my opinion,
, individuals should channel their energies in a correct way to use these innovations for their growth rather than wasting time scrolling feeds aimlessly or watching unrealistic movies endlessly.
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