Online shopping is now replacing shopping in the store. Do you think it is a positive or negative development?

Online shopping has gained popularity over the past few decades around the world.
development may appear negative for some, I would argue that it is offering broad-based benefits to our society. There
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a number of reasons why online stores are appealing to buyers.
purchasing on the Internet allows consumers to check and compare price differences among stores, which can help them buy products at the most reasonable prices. In fact, numerous surveys reveal that the most determining factor contributing to a customer's buying decision is price.
buying online can save people from driving to the store which benefits them in many different ways.
For instance
, even having an extra half hour of time can make a big difference in health and
physical and mental well-being if it is allocated for exercise or physical activity. The trend
brings various benefits to online shops and the environment. As people increasingly spend time on the Internet, businesses can reach and attract their target audiences more effectively and efficiently.
For example
, many corporations have decided to go online totally since they find it is more profitable thanks to zero rental costs.
In addition
, less travelling for shopping means fewer negative impacts on the environment. In fact, since climate change is a problem of personal consumption, lifestyle choices,
as less travelling, can help cut carbon pollution fast. To summarize,
development appears positive in almost every aspect of life. In my opinion, I believe shopping online should be encouraged and promoted because it enables us to make better purchase decisions and helps combat climate change.
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