While some believe that the best way to learn about current events is through newspapers, others think that they can learn news better through other forms of media. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Some believe that newspapers are the best sources to be informed about recent news,
others consider that there are different kinds of
to access up-to-date information.
prints are used by seniors to learn about the latest events
due to
their reliability and accessibility, I believe that forms of
as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are more effective sources to gain knowledge about present data. On the one hand, prints are considered the best method to be certain of reports by some.
In other words
, journals and gazettes are common among the old generation to be aware of news immediately because of the authenticity of any information. Individuals may buy these which provide valid reports officially published in the press to learn about trends depending on their interests by paying a certain amount of money.
For example
, in Azerbaijan, nearly every member of the old generation gets data about the latest incidents from gazettes.
, I think that they can access these materials on official websites without paying for them.
On the other hand
, diverse forms of
provide the community with the latest trends and are the best source for certain people.
is to say that Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are mostly used to obtain information about recent events by human beings because they share current happenings all over the world
show examples
and without charging money.
For instance
, when rigorous earthquakes happened in Turkey, it was shared on the Internet immediately, and every country helped the Turkish people to address that issue.
, I believe that social
shares up-to-date events
show examples
and freely. In conclusion, despite journals and gazettes providing reliable reports to inform people about current occasions, I believe that other types of social
namely Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are the best way to gain knowledge about recent news because of their speed and worldwide reputation.
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The essay addresses the prompt by discussing both views and providing the writer's opinion. However, the ideas could be more fully developed and the response could be more comprehensive.
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The essay demonstrates a logical structure and presents clear introduction and conclusion. The main points are supported with relevant examples.
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